Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Car Regularly

Avoiding engine failure and expensive engine repairs:

Oil change plays one of the most important roles in car service. Sludge will build up and will stop the engine from being sufficiently lubricated of engine oil if car oil is not changed regularly. In the long term, engine failure is likely to happen and repairs are expensive.

Being more fuel efficient:

Engines that are well tuned ultimately use less fuel and give off reduced emissions. Not only will you save money in the long run, your car will be more environmentally sound.

Increasing the life of your engine:

The life of your car engine can be increased if engine oil is regularly replaced. As time passes, engine oil loses its effectiveness. Ensuring that engine oil is changed at regular intervals will improve your car’s performance and contribute to engine longevity.

Avoiding breakdowns:

There are a few things more stressful and inconvenient than your car breaking down. Breakdowns are avoidable if oil or other fluids leaking are attended to immediately and repair can help to prevent breakdown or even car accidents.

Ensuring your brakes are functioning effectively:

As drivers, we rely quite heavily on our brakes. They are critical for safety and need to perform to the highest standard. But, brakes do not remain effective without attention and must be checked and regularly adjusted to ensure that they are roadworthy and safe.

Reducing unnecessary wear and tear:

Excessive stress can affect your car if moving parts are not lubricated. Other than wear and tear, ensuring that parts are well lubricated enhances your car’s safety and performance.

Preventing engine failure and damage:

Any quality car service will include checks on belts and tightening if necessary. If belts are not regularly checked and are in fact worn and loose, they can cause engine failure and damage. As you can imagine, car repairs of this nature can be costly and time consuming.

Ensuring that lights are in good working order:

How often do we get out of our cars and check to see if our lights are in good working order? Hardly ever! Car servicing includes checks and adjustment of lights to ensure they are legal and safe in their operation.

Increasing the life and safety of your tires:

It is important that the footprints of your car that hit the road are in supreme working order. Tires need to be checked often and always be inflated to the correct tire pressure. Flat tires often cause car accidents. Many of us forget or ignore the importance of having our tires correctly inflated – this limits the life of our tires and compromises our safety.

Extending the life of your steering and suspension:

Steering and suspension components of the car are not immediately obvious and visible, but they need to be checked and serviced in order to enhance safety and increase their lifespan.

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